Saturday, 16 June 2018

Was formed optimization working group on POOLSONIA (wg0201004)

Oleksii Verbytskyi, Head of NOETIKOS GROUP, held a working meeting with Maxim Kunchev and Maxim Morozov. The meeting discussed the current issues of the development of the hypermarket POOLSONIA, the mechanics of work on debugging layout and optimization to achieve an increase in traffic conversion.

It was decided to form the Working Group on Optimization POOLSONIA (wg0201004)

Oleksii Verbytskyi: It is required to form a regulatory system in the work on the POOLSONIA project in order to achieve the maximum effect from the invested money.

Tasks of the working group wg0201004:
  • The growth of sales of the site - due to attractive design, specific information, advertising texts, high-quality images;
  • Testing the key characteristics and competitive advantages of the products or services of the marketplace;
  • Identifying and testing hypotheses for the target audience of the marketplace;
  • Mapping and controlling the targeted action of visitors.
Working group composition
WG identifier: wg0201004

Chef of WG
Oleksii Verbytskyi
Manager WG
Maxim Kunchev
Manager WG
Maxim Morozov
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