Sunday, 18 February 2018

Online journal of the initiative group "Male Kolo"

The project «ukrinteresy» - Online magazine of the initiative group "Male Kolo". - This is a platform for the exchange of emotions, useful information and log space for a happy life..

Types of jobs
  • Install and configure the CMS system "WordPress" in the repository.
  • Selection and tuning of the designer premium template "Winters", finalization to full compliance with corporate colors.
  • Clear delineation of access rights and the creation of a unified system of work of user groups in the site admin area.
  • Creation of a unified system of interrelationship between the editor and the author, the introduction of mechanisms for the acceptance and modernization of articles during publication, the introduction of editorial comments and labels.
  • Development of the FAQ for site authors and rules for working with the admin panel.
  • Creation of a mechanism to receive articles in the work and proposals for articles in the publication.
  • SEO plugins.
  • Implementation of the meta description.
  • Optimizing the operation of the CMS and template.
  • Create a public branch of the repository, publish a finished project.


Screenshots of website pages

Project Working Group
Production Director
Oleksii Verbytskyi
Frontend developer
Oleksii Verbytskyi
Dmitro Goloshchapov

Main Projects Development Project NOETIKOS «Online journal of the initiative group "Male Kolo"»

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