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Development of internet service - iBroke™

The project «iBroke» - is a progressive innovative start-ups in the service sector. The unique concept of the site to determine the nature of the damage, instantly calculate its cost and ordering wizard to repair the house..

Description of project
The main objectives were iBroke site:
  • structured layout graphic and text content with full functional adaptability;
  • creating internal overlapping databases, integrated with the development of multi-level decision-making system;
  • handling storage optimization work bases in the generation and delivery of content for all types of queries on the site;
  • automation of customer accounting systems online in the CRM-system web site;
  • individual software coding and development of turnkey software.
Types of jobs
  • Creating a GIT repository and raising branch of the test site.
  • Install and configure the CMS «WordPress» to the repository.
  • Configure plugin «WooCommerce».
  • Selection and setting design premium «Fox» pattern completion to full compliance with the corporate colors.
  • HTML coding.
  • Programming.
  • Content management.
  • Debugging and functional testing, correction of bugs.
  • Optimizing CMS and a template.
  • Customer training to work with the CMS website.
  • Create a public repository branches, the publication of the finished project.


Screenshots of website pages

Project Working Group
Production Director
Oleksii Verbytskyi
Alexander Bukin
Frontend developer
Aleksei Verbitskiy
Backend developer
Stanislav Klipenko
Andres Naumov
Dmitriy Goloshchapov

Main Projects Development Project NOETIKOS «Service of repair devices iBroke™"»

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