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Development of commercial offers — ECOWARM

The company "Biofuel Ukraine" is engaged in the production and sale of biofuels for the European and Ukrainian markets. All Thanks to the hard work of the specialists, the company guarantees its customers stable volumes of supplies and stable quality of products. Deeply having studied the needs of customers, the company offers the widest range of biofuels in Kiev: fuel briquettes from sawdust: briquettes nestro, briquettes ruf, briquettes pini kei; fuel pellets from sawdust-pellets, of different quality. And for additional convenience and speed of service of requests of our clients the company has opened 4 warehouses of production in Kiev.

In an effort to meet the needs of all customers, the company has developed the ability to fulfill the requests of both retail and wholesale customers online.

Description of the project

The aim of the / project is the presentation of the brand concept in the Network, activity description list of company products. The main task of developing an online store was the company's entry into the Web, the structure of the audience through fine-tuning the Internet marketing tools, and selling the company's goods to the target buyer.

The main tasks of the ECOWARM website were:
  • Drawing the elements of the site design according to the brand's brand attributes
  • developing an individual site structure with drawing the buyer's motion architecture
  • Updating information about your company and its services, converting it to quality website content
  • development of an individual site structure with a symbiosis of the landing page and bases of the online store
  • designing a modern architecture according to usability trends for selling pages and e-commers domain sites
  • programming of an individual order accounting system and buyers
  • Automation of customer accounting systems online in the CRM-system of the Internet site
  • the selection of graphic information and advice on the structure of the sale of goods on the site
  • graphic and text content of the Internet shop window.

Types of work
  • Creating a GIT repository and raising a test site branch.
  • Installing configuring the system's CMS & OpenCart in the repository.
  • Configuring the modules Kuller (search forms, filter, feedback, news blog)
  • Selecting setting up a design premium template -pro finalization to full compliance with corporate colors
  • HTML layout.
  • Programming.
  • Content management.
  • Debugging and testing the functionality, editing bugs.
  • Teaching the client how to use the site's CMS
  • Create a public repository branch, publish a finished project

Link to site /

Screenshots of the website pages

Project Working Group

Project manager
Oleksii Verbytskyi
Backend&Frontend developer
Dmitry Goloshchapov
Anna Morozova
IT Engineer
Ruslan Pisarev
Content Management
Konstantin Goloshchapov

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