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Internet advertising how it works?

The famous slogan «advertising - the motor trade» has not lost its relevance, on the contrary, thanks to the Internet it becomes the engine of business. Over the past 10 years of advertising, as an activity received a powerful development, there are many new forms of it, carriers and methods. All of this made it a more effective tool for the organization of sales of goods and services of all kinds.

Just advertising or integrated approach?
  1. Nowadays, unobtrusive advertising becomes more selective, dynamic, it is smarter. The advertising business has turned into a whole new industry that is engaged in work sites with the audience and message targeting, and applies for it not one method, but uses in his work a comprehensive approach.
  2. Under the comprehensive promotion imply website promotion through search engines on the number of requests grows up. No less effective approach is considered to be the simultaneous use of different types of online advertising.
  3. The same term is used by those who are engaged in optimizing sites using contextual advertising. All these activities are aimed at achieving success in the distribution of goods and services in the network. To really be successful in Internet advertising is only a little, is needed the most serious resource training, and its optimization of SEO, which attracts targeted search engine traffic.
  4. Comprehensive promotion understood and interpreted in different ways, and all definitions are correct in their own way. We represent this concept in the form of a formula in which the complex promotion will be generalized tool of advertising, marketing, website optimization and SEO.
  5. Advertising is an important component, without which achieve the promotion of your site, brand popularity and sales of services - will not succeed.
  6. Marketing will provide a detailed study of the advertised object and place the advertising information in a delicious description;
  7. Work on optimizing Internet resource make him an effective sales tool;
  8. Volume set of technical SEO activities will attract the target audience of buyers.

All these activities are carried out in combination, provide the promotion and sale of the company's products.

Consider advertising as an integral component of the complex to promote the site.

Advertising channels
  1. Advertising, marketing efforts, constantly updated with new types and forms. This traditional text ads, an abundance of vivid video advertising, media content, images, pop-ups and other activities.
  2. Advertising placed between lines of text, in the news, on the pages of social networks, forums, mailing lists e-mail, SMS messages and notifications.
  3. However, intrusive messages perceived as spam, and ruthlessly deleted disinterested audience, reincarnated in a targeted, focused on a particular consumer the required information. Now you can refine your targeting by using the contact information received from potential customers devices. By analyzing search queries to locate clients and visited their sites, built a consistent communication strategy, and identifies effective tools of interaction. Accounting for behavioral characteristics and the history of actions of internet users helps in setting up PPC advertising.
  4. A great help in the correct marketing policy and its adjustment is the ability to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by analyzing the erroneous decisions and failures. Improperly composed semantic kernel instead of the profits can cause damage, so the possibility of continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is a powerful tool for achieving this goal. Thus, the successful promotion of online store is carried out not only by means of which the individual method of advertising, and using an integrated approach to solving this problem.
Types of online advertising
  1. Banner advertising - is a text or graphic internet activity, placed in special advertising platforms - web sites. Image in any extension, as well as flash banners are also components of media content. This type of advertising does not directly increase the sale, however, it plays an informative role, introduces the audience to the advertised object, it makes an initial understanding and forming an opinion about the brand.
  2. Text advertising - is placed at the thematic website text message advertising. This type of communication is able to increase traffic. Such information reports are dynamic and can be placed anywhere on the site.
  3. Contextual advertising - this ad on search engines such as Google, Yandex or the relevant pages of thematic websites. A feature of systems of contextual advertising is that the advertiser pays only clicks when passing the site. The settings can also be specified, and payment for impressions, but this is rarely practiced among modern kontekstschikov. PPC advertising cost is determined on the basis of the auction online. Every advertiser offers the maximum price he is willing to pay and win the ad with the higher price declared under equal conditions.
  4. Teaser ads - a kind of media, text and content. You can consider it a kind of symbiosis of these three types of communications. Teaser ads often looks like a small text message, whose purpose - to intrigue the customer and to provoke him to a more detailed familiarization with the product and a call to action by clicking on the link or image button. This attraction of attention results in a sharp, but short-lived increase in conversion.
  5. Promo site a presentation and advertising platform for the display of one or a group of the same category of goods. Such umbrella resources are fairly effective way of attracting customers, that works perfectly in tandem with a properly configured contextual advertising. Promo-site is not only the product, but the brand in the network to clearly segmented target audience for the purpose of quality increase conversion and sales.
  6. Email Marketing- is a mass mailing of promotional correspondence. This type of advertising has set a goal - to create their own database of potential buyers. Currently, mass mailing has lost its popularity and fell into the category of spam, which by virtue of its smaller molestation motivates the buyer to make a purchase. In place of such reports came viber communication with customers.
The essence of a comprehensive online advertising

In online advertising there are different kinds of interaction with the client. Using a combination of these methods has been called a holistic approach to the development of the network campaign, whose ultimate goal is to promote business.

A well-organized Internet advertising has a number of features and steps:

Comprehensive online advertising: benefits
  1. An integrated approach to development to promote the campaign to avoid the negative perception of the target audience of advertising, as well as to achieve high efficiency and quality of exposure to the ever-growing volume of interest and various demographic characteristics categories of users.
  2. Depending on individual susceptibility information, various methods affect different categories of people. For visual perception of great effect uses banner advertising. Users who prefer search engines as Yandex Direct, get their information from the content or organic SEO extradition. There is a category of users who trust news reports or useful tips with reviews. Advanced users, supporters of innovations and best practices, interested teaser advertising. An audience of millions of social networks will pay attention to ads on the pages of the sites they visit.
  3. Thus, a comprehensive advertising is not only to attract the attention of the maximum number of target categories of users, but also to achieve effective contact according to the interests, needs and current social status of each.
  4. To ensure the success of promotional efforts and costs can long-term planning of activities. Creating an ideal portrait of the buyer of your products and services will help to determine the target audience, and choose effective methods of influence on him.
  5. The correctness of the choice of distribution methods of advertising depends on the timing of an advertising campaign, budget and goals. Banner advertising has proven itself as an effective tool in the short term, for the long-term projects is more suitable for the formation of the reference mass. The developed measures will allow advertisers to achieve success and to significantly improve the results.
Comprehensive online advertising: features
  1. The effective result of complex advertising campaigns depending on the means of communication is shown as immediately and gradually. To promote important to keep time, because well-organized comprehensive advertising campaign will give a tangible result not earlier than in 2 - 4 months.
  2. Complex communication activities will require financial investments, that is, cheap and cheerful - not work.
  3. To build a competent advertising campaign requires a team of professionals.
  4. The desired outcome is achievable only if the customer constant contact with the performer.
  5. Communication strategy online stores requires special attention and more detailed promotion. The development of this site can be ordered in a professional web studio that after the step of creating a unique design of the site, will continue to promote an online store and order the ad.
The effectiveness of online advertising
    • Countless online sites are full of advertising messages, all advertised. Creators promotional appeals focus on vision and hearing.
    • bright, flashing banners can not fail to attract attention;
    • then it makes curiosity to understand the text, and it is composed in such a way that the user has no doubts about the need for this product for it;
    • in addition, the limited time frame and additional conditions forced to buy such goods immediately.
    And although we all know the price of such statements, advertising still works.
  1. According to official statistics, 2/3 of the owners of websites to order services to promote the site, and the other half ordered contextual advertising to increase the profitability of their business and promote the brand.
  2. Internet advertising is often a two-stage character. The first step is the outdoor advertising - it can be placed on media advertising in the form of banners, text boxes, and mini bayrikah sites, and the second part - directly on the site or a special page. All ads contain a link directly to the customer's site or selling page.
  3. Advertising on the internet has an interactive relationship with the client, which is not the usual advertising. The ability to keep track of those contacts and adjust messages increases efficiency, which is a significant advantage. One of the latest advances in Internet marketing technology is the RTB platform actively used the search engine Google, where the transition cost of a click to a website the content of the customer going through the auction of advertising rates in real time.

Companies that are not engaged in promotion of their websites, left out of attention audience of millions of Internet users Intense competition dictates the rules, they can not be ignored. Book advertisements in professional web studio that qualitatively, efficiently and placement to place it on the network. Properly organized a comprehensive campaign is sure to bring success and help grow your business.

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