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How to create a marketing site

Everyone who is associated withthe development of websites, periodically forced something in it to change. Perhaps he began to visit less often or competitors showed wonders of ingenuity and pushed you, and you can put the time to choose - not to lag behind changing anything or introduce advanced ideas and to be on the crest of a wave. A creative person is always a lot of ideas, but not every idea is implemented correctly. Your plan must be supported by reliable information and assessment of their capabilities and desires of the customer, customer and market products or services.

  1. Web designers are constantly getting conflicting advice about the support site that sells anything. Someone advised to be brief and concise, which, in their opinion, will help to keep customers on pages in the site.
  2. Others recommend a detailed and carefully describe the most illustrating goods..
  3. Visitors who came for a few seconds, so you need to be interested, so he changed his mind to leave and stayed on the pages of your site. As if he did not immediately able to find the information he needed, he would start to look elsewhere. Your competitors with great pleasure to take advantage of this fact and provide the user with all in the best possible way, to be sure.
  4. So try to bring the head of the company at least to the definition of the main tasks of the site.
  5. In order to create an interesting in all respects, the site owners should look at it from the inside, namely, to get acquainted with the development process in detail. Penetrating the subtleties and get this experience, to look at the site on the other hand, from the consumer. Seen change your perception.
The process of developing the site

Before starting workon the creation of the site define the purposes for which the resource is created. How can measure its effectiveness and how it will be interesting to the user to wander through its pages. Evaluation criteria depend on the purpose and application resources.

The reasons are forced into site design

The market is in constant dynamics, and you, as his party, have to take into account trends. Experience has proved that the ill-considered changes, trying to take into account any new market, is not always justified. Many innovations do not take root, and not demanded by the majority. One of the main purposes - to please the user, is achieved skillful usability audit.

The reasons that force the owner to use the qualitative redesigned online resource:

  1. Changing business models
    Using blogs as online stores and websites, business cards rebirth in information portals - such large-scale changes are forcing ambitious remodeling of old, and even the creation of new resources from scratch.
  2. Conversion decrease
    Nowhere to go, need to adapt to the user, he was not interested. The reasons may be varied. Without analytical analysis, chaotic change of the whole and the whole is unlikely to bring the desired result. The original design is possible to increase the conversion, but it is important to understand that the concept of design is not one-dimensional. External graphics unusual design will attract attention, but this is not enough, you must provide the user with convenience.
  3. Requirements
    The user presents their legal requirements for ease, speed and quality of information provided to it. Planning should take into account changes in the site desires of customers, complementing the resources section, focused on the user and his needs in inoformatsiya. Examples of these sections can be a question and answer column, providing online advice chat users and the ability to leave comments. Read them, keep in mind the views expressed, users will tell you which direction to go.
  4. Changes in business
    Structural adjustments or changes in the nature of business should be reflected on the site and in its design. Visualization - is not only an attractive picture, but well-built, structured model of supply and collection of information. Do not be guided by the device capabilities, and proceed from the nature of the content. Revalued content of the information on your site, if its capabilities are not exhausted, make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, be patient and investment pour it in this direction.
The price of creating the site

Creating a website, to accept the idea that this product will have to constantly upgrade. The world is changing, we are changing, too, and this process can not be stopped. The site will have to be further developed, and possibly re-created. Be prepared, both from a psychological and a financial side.

If there is a temptation to enter the mobile market, please note the following nuances:

  • availability characteristics;
  • the possibility of developing applications for existing platforms;
  • the need to transfer part of the revenue application owners;
  • the opportunity to place your application in the store;
  • to evaluate the benefit of the host application to your life in the store.

Interface - it is not just a pretty picture, on which users click the mouse - a door through which your customers enter the world of your products and services, learn and consume them. If you are not personally engaged in the development of sites, you need to explain the artist, what do you want from him as a result, rather than the beginning. Without an understanding of these issues, without a clear idea what the site, and it is in this case your retailer, it is difficult to count on the successful commercialization in the generated intern shop.

Feedback between the performer and the customer
  1. Experts advise to design the site so that he behaved like a likable person, and people love it. It should be added that the resource should occupy a narrow niche, have a specific audience, and its first customers should be your colleagues and you. You can call it internal consistency.
  2. Schedule development should be a gap between the world premiere of the site and the final revisions to design or modernizuemogo project. The customer will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the interface of the new site, and get used to it before it will voice their comments.
  3. Insist, that the customer has paid enough attention to the development, the first impression is not always adequate. Give him time to draw up an opinion.
  4. Warn the customer about possible user reactions to the publication of the updated product, focusing on the fact that it can also be negative. Among the members are many conservative-minded public, change their annoying, it is important to consider and adequately take.
  5. You will save a lot of nerve cells, money and effort if these simple rules will take as the basis of their relationship with colleagues and clients.
  6. A business owner with marketing professionals have sound employee Web Studio general task of the new project. As generalities are not set specific targets, clearly formulated and actionable.
  7. The opinion of the company's employees, who have a vested interest, the developer will see the errors, a deeper understanding of the subject.
  8. Benefits, giving developers the ability to create a good design with the help of stakeholders within the company. Employees of the company:
    • introduce a web designer with business requirements;
    • provide a more complete picture of the context of the project;
    • politically beneficial for performers and leaders considered the importance of interpersonal relationships;
    • involve managers in the process of creating the site, providing professional web studio contact with those who influence decision-making.

  9. How deep the manager must understand the analytics of advertising campaigns on the Internet, whether it is necessary to trust the art and not to waste their time on this question everyone has his own answer.
Website as part of corporate culture
  1. For some developers start creating a website begins with an introduction to those for whom he creates it. Not all employees of the companies are active readers of corporate blogs, are not relevant to the regulars corporate website and visit it only when necessary. Such a situation is not in the hand of the developer site. If you are working with a large company, find out whether the site is part of the corporate culture. If so, you can get a lot of valuable information inside. The more employees visited the site, the more opinions you can hear the better analyze the problem.
  2. The council experienced developers - be not just themselves, but "super myself". Find the essence of yourself, be sincere, look for the feelings and emotions that you can experience together in relation to the brand, content and online communication model with customers. That positive emotions strengthens business in any field, including online.
Cooperation with users
  1. Developers involved in promotion of sites, share with colleagues their motivation time working on the project and notice that they are more interested in working with clients, than the subject of sales.
  2. When communicating with a person we react to the personality, its natural interface, appearance, tone of voice, language, gait and even posture. All this information is processed on a subconscious level, and we will adequately respond to a person. Can I give signs of personality development, services, websites and everything that is created?
Website promotion, with the help of his personality
  1. The study of consumer behavior proved that Internet advertising is still far from perfect.
    However, the signals transmitted by the person, and can be transferred with the design. Submission of colors, images, and texts - all these means of transmission of individuality. How to communicate with a person affects the response of others, as well as custom design defines the behavior of its visitors.
  2. Individuality - a powerful tool, with which can be beneficial to stand out among competitors in the market. On the bright appearance visitor reacts emotionally - is necessary because ensure brand recall.
  3. Individual uniqueness creates Members passion, and they become the most powerful marketing channel. there is a risk of negative perception of certain categories of users in the development of unique design - it is impossible to please everyone. If you try to please everyone - you will not like anyone.
Test, test and test again
  1. A powerful, if not the main instrument for strengthening position of the site - conducting regular tests, with the first steps of development. After the analysis, making corrections and testing again, and so on until the end of the project life.
  2. The objects of the testing should be absolutely all the stages, from sketches to final design. A single test does not bring the desired result. These sessions are held in special centers equipped with Translucent Mirror under the supervision of cameras. But the most effective, experts say guerrilla testing.
Experience as the driving force

Nobody said that the work done right - it is a process error-free algorithm, at least in the field of internet marketing and it-technologies. Inaccuracies, deviations and makeready times have always been, are and will be. Mistaken as users criticize rashly design, technology and structure of the sites, and the wrong leaders, who are aiming to not tied to the company's business processes. Including derelict developers who surfactants are in the process of planning, development and implementation of interent resource, not even bothering to penetrate deeply into the essence. All these errors are solved with the help of meaningful communication, streamlined feedback and relentless, regular testing of the results.

Even the most developed in detail the terms of reference, it's just a map, and a map on the philosopher's opinion - is not the territory, and the simulated reality - it's not the reality at all. It is for this reason that many project plans fall through. Confirmation that surrounds us on all sides, things that we do not see and could not see, but we passed every day.

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