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The purpose of information support
As a result, the use of advanced information technology system solved the problem:
  • generation and scheduling information corresponding to the expectations of your customer and his interests;
  • attracting the attention of the target audience and the right to inform;
  • shaping public opinion, is conducive to a positive decision ordering products;
  • sales upturn.

Internet promotion has been used successfully managers and strategic management of companies in various industrial branches and scale. Based on the experience of leading practices cformirovan and offers a range of online activities:
  • increase the number of interested visitors with the help of search results in the TOP10 through SEO techniques;
  • to place contextual ads on Google's leading search engines, Yandex and TARGET.MAIL.RU;
  • send advertising messages to interested customers after visiting your site;
  • display sites usually provide advertising services profitable areas.
  • The browser the visitor is marked with a special code generated using tools remarketing and retargeting. Maintenance is a constant gathering of statistical data corresponding to its code in all channels of communication network (sites of different topics and trends, ratings and categories) using remarketing tools. As a result, the consumer, who has come to one of these sites, you can see the filtered contextual advertising based on his interests on your site.

  • Generate and analyze groups of customers about their interests, preferences, price and taste characteristics, and so with the help of video and banner advertising on targeted portals search networks.
  • To build long-term relationships with consumers on the level of personal relations in social networks (SMM), aimed at creating and maintaining the reputation of the two-way communications through the constant presence of the company in the focus of their attention.

Stages of cooperation
  1. Web audit.
    • Analysis of the action "competitors" on the key demands of consumers.
    • Recommendations for tactical actions to promote.
    • Selection of sites and services for the optimal promotion of mini hotel services.
    • Drawing up a common plan of promotion of key products.
    • Approval of the promotion of quality indicators, such as: traffic, position in the search results, the number of appeals to points of sale, including telephone consultations.
    • Developing detailed strategies to promote.

  2. Customizing elements broadcast on the developed plan promotion.
    • Adjusting elements of the web system.
      • optimization of existing SMM;
      • working with video content youtube channel;
      • work on filling social accounts (offer to take a course on information management, and a half months);
      • fine-tune Google analytics collection systems, Yandex, MAIL.RU;
      • setup site indexing.

  3. Setting attracted resources.
    • Entering cash for connection and testing of paid online systems.
    • Create text and image ads.
    • Setting up Google's advertising search services, Yandex and MAIL.RU.
    • Connecting online tools for analyzing and monitoring processes, as well as obtaining statistical data.
    • Connecting the satellite sites.

  4. Start campaign.
    • Fixation of initial targets.
    • Entering funding for approved advertising campaigns.
    • Analysis of the results, the correction of the advertising interfaces, tuning announcements, optimization of financial costs.
    • Assessment of effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the chosen tactics of promotion.

  5. Connect call center.

  6. Development partner program.

  7. Analytics. Reports and media planning of current and new challenges.

  8. System service online resource for solving problems.

  9. Adjusting and updating services and content for new challenges.

How to choose an agency to customize content

Internet is firmly and permanently entrenched in our lives. PPC marketing - is an effective tool with which business representatives can increase demand for their services and products. Particularly active they are the representatives of small business. The tool is not simple, and use it on their own is not all turns out correctly. Understand the issues of paid traffic marketing will help a special agency. Choose an agency that can provide quality service, it is responsible and easy.


How much does SEO?

Would you like to achieve the success of the site, but the endless SEO agencies offer you poorly performing budgets? You want to understand the whole process from the inside, but you see only the face alternating with SEOs and switched out the money through your fingers? You want to find professionals in the business, but do not know how to identify them? This material raise the veil of the sacrament of work CEO and cutting a secret: how it works?


Mobile advertising: types and technologies

Times billboards and television commercials have sunk into oblivion, replaced it, covered with dust and moths poedennym technology came more powerful and effective modern methods. The ingenuity of modern advanced traders mastered the virtual information space - the world of mobile devices and mobile users.

Advertising that attracts mobile phone screen, called mobile advertising. This is a very promising technology, because it has enormous potential, due to the fact that the number of mobile phone users for a long time is estimated in billions.

Types of mobile advertising:

  • SMS advertising;
  • MTS advertising
  • advertising on mobile Internet;
  • ads inside mobile applications and games.


Method works
  • All tasks are developed in a working group with the protocol fixing.
  • Reports and strategic sessions to monitor and control the progress of advertising campaigns.
  • System organization of work, constant monitoring, the high competence of the staff guarantee the absence of risk to fall under the sanctions of search algorithms.
  • The competence of specialists and experts confirmed by the appropriate certificates.

We create tools for individual use, taking into account the specifics and peculiarities of a business, company or person. Therefore, each time the solutions and their implementation are different from each other in time, scope, resources and financial costs.

information support cost — from 1200 UAH per month:

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