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Website development - the hotel "Aurora" (ng0000100)

Hotel «Aurora» — is the place for sports teams, people on business, who appreciate comfort and convenience of transport interchanges, as the place position of the hotel - the geographical center of the city of Donetsk.

Visitors can get acquainted with the proposed capacity and reserve. We are sure that the new site "Aurora" hotel will benefit customers and make the book even more convenient and comfortable.


Screenshots of Web site pages

Home - hotel «Aurora»

Conference room page — hotel «Aurora»

Page cafe «Orpheus» — hotel «Aurora»

It is also worth noting that the joint work of experts design studio "Idea», NOETIKOS and SEO-experts KolizeiMedia was designed not only website design but built subdomains architecture with web-based system.

Project working group
Project manager
Oleksii Verbetskyi
Timofei Balanenko
Backend developer
Andres Naumov
дизайн-студия «Идея»
Larisa Kudria

Main Projects Development Project NOETIKOS e Commerce «Website Design - Hotel Aurora"

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